The most efficient crypto payments infrastructure

Innovative non-custodial and modular API, SDK and tools to operate with crypto payments for enterprises and startups.

Move your crypto processing to Curra

Everything you need to

We invite merchants and custodians to new era of crypto payments, to move away from custodial services, complex in-house development and infrastructure maintanance.

Accept and make payments with 0% fees
Start accepting crypto payments or move from expensive custodial services to a next-generation solution, where you pay only for infrastructure and native blockchain costs.
Save up to 84% on blockchain fees
Vortex by Curra offers the most gas-optimised processing solution on the market to accept crypto payments, reducing token processing for EVM blockchains from 70,000 Gas โ†’ 11,000 Gas per transaction.
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Delegate complex and costly infrastructure
If you develop and manage your own crypto software, Curra allows you to delegate the entire infrastructure maintenance. This lets you concentrate on your core business without compromising security of your assets.
Build your own MPC-based custodianSoon
Setup an enterprise-grade keyless architecture for managing Proxy, Hot, Cold wallets, and Liquidity with customizable policies and access rules, all within just a few clicks.

Own the keys ๐Ÿ”‘.
Own the funds.

At Curra, we embrace all Web3 principles without exposing you to third-party risks. Your keys remain solely under your control, and the signing process occurs on your end, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience.

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Crypto Exchanges. P2P Services. Crypto Processing Companies.
Payment Service Providers. Infrastructure Providers.
iGaming Operators and Platforms.

No transaction fees ๐Ÿš€

We don't charge any volume-based fees. You only pay blockchain fees, which are necessary to accept and send payments.

At Curra, we are committed to providing a trustless, scalable, and affordable crypto payments infrastructure with pay-as-go pricing for startups and enterprises to scale and grow.

  • Launched:
  • Early ฮฒ access:
  • *You can accept any token across supported blockchains.

  • *Curra is already available for all EVM blockchains, contact us for special inquiries.


  • 50+ Blockchains
  • One-click asset integrations
  • AML Compliance Plugin
  • Fiat Settlements Plugin

From$750/ month

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The magic ๐Ÿช„ of cost-optimisations

Significantly reduce your Gas usage with Vortex by Curra

In Curra we leveredged cutting-edge tech to build yet the most optimised solution on the market, which is X5 more gas-efficient, comparing to popular processing implementations.

In-house development / Other services

From$48,000/ 10k transactions

Running custodial crypto service, you spend at least 86,000 Gas ~ $4.80 on each incoming payment, to transfer assets, deposited by end-users, to Omnibus account.

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As low as
/ 10k transactions

With Curra it can be as low as 11,000 Gas ~ $0.63, which gives you $4.17 in ETH equivalent savings on each incoming payment

Best for:

  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto processing providers
  • Fiat PSP's

Plug-and-play compatibility with all popular custodians:


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save with Curra?
Does not matter you use custodial service with volume-based pricing, third-party custody infrastructure or even in-house solution - we a have great offering:
  • We do not charge any volume-based fees.
  • For 10,000 transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, with Vortex, your potential savings could reach $50,000 in equivalent ETH.
  • Let your in-house team concentrate on core business without compromising security of your assets.
  • No more nodes maintenance, we provide full scale Blockchain Data API, included in pricing.
How can I customize Curra to fit my specific needs?
Variety of customisation features, crafted for enterprises and startups, so you can adjust everything for your specific needs:
  • You can configure minimum/maximum transaction amount, gas price configurations, add any tokens on supported blockchains.
  • With AML Compliance features you can specify triggers, depending on risk score of incoming transactions or destination wallets.
  • Also we can implement on-demand features, specifically for your business.
What blockchains does Curra support?
Curra supports Bitcoin blockchain, most EVM-compatible blockchains and all the tokens on them. Also we are working towards launching on the Tron blockchain in near future with variety of cost-optimisation features.
Can I integrate Curra with my existing software?
We offer a comprehensive set of features and with the use of Curra SDK, developers can easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into any software.

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