Decentralied Crypto Processing Protocol

Trustless and decentralized backend for the next generation of Merchants, Custodians and B2B Services, to onboard the next billion users to crypto.

Move your processing to the Web3 future

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Merchants and Custodians now can use Curra Protocol to integrate crypto payments into their operations, to move away from custodial services and complex in-house development.

Curra is few times cheaper than building, running, and maintaining crypto architecture or using other processing solutions. And we are still working on reducing gas costs for protocol contracts. Explore
Assets secured with on-chain rules. Protocol User creates an NFT with specified rules, for example "forward only to hot wallet". All protocol operations must comply with this rule, protecting from Malicious activity of counterparties. Architecture overview
Curra Operators are located all over the world, reducing the risk of any single point of failure and on-chain architecture provides the most reliable uptime, as the blockchain can serve.
Protocol works with the most popular EVM and non-EVM blockchains. Operators (developers) contribute Curra Protocol, extending consumer-oriented features
Cheaper comparing to custodial crypto processing solutions
Less Gas Costs comparing to in-house development
Infrastructure Costs
$ 0.00
Tokens supported accross Ethereum, Smart Chain, Polygon and Tron blockchains

Frequently asked questions

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What is the Curra protocol?
The Curra protocol is a decentralized and trustless protocol for automating crypto processing. It provides an efficient and secure on-chain back-end for merchants, custodians and others to integrate crypto payments.
Can I customize Curra Protocol to fit my specific needs?
Yes, you can customize Curra Protocol to fit your specific needs. Our operators offer different payment models and sets of features to suite various requirements, such as compliance, settlements, and more.
How does Curra Protocol differ from other crypto processing solutions?
Curra Protocol offers a unique approach to crypto processing through its decentralized and trustless solution, giving merchants and custodians a non-custodial back-end option to accept crypto payments, relay mass withdrawals and create variety automations.
What are the benefits of using Curra Protocol for crypto processing?
By using Curra Protocol, you can avoid complex your development process, eliminate the need to build and maintain your own crypto infrastructure, and enjoy the same secure, trustless and decentralized architecture with up to 30% savings on Gas Costs.
What blockchains does Curra Protocol support?
The Curra Protocol supports most EVM-compatible blockchains, and we are working towards launching on the Tron blockchain.
Can I integrate Curra Protocol with my existing systems?
We offer a comprehensive set of features and with the use of Curra SDK, developers can easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into any software.

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